Strangely Satisfying…

I’m not usually a petty person, but….

I talked to the principal a few months ago about my 5yo possibly starting 1st grade next fall instead of kinder. We agreed that we’d have her go through the kinder evaluation and go from there, but I was so happy because she was really open to the idea.
Today, we had kinder evaluation. I told the first teacher she went with about my desire to have her go into first because I wanted them to know that I was thinking this. I then had to fill out a long form with info on birth, milestones, personality, and so on. It was at the end of the form that I wrote that I wanted her to go to first.
I had to meet with the school psych who I don’t know (I’ve talked at length with the other one.). She got to the end and saw that I wanted to start her in first and was like, “uhhh…” She was highly doubtful and seemed to want me to “prove” it. I was going on and on about how the principal had told me it was possible, XYZ examples of her brightness, examples of her being socially comfortable with older kids, how I’m happy to have her take any test they want to give, and how I’m also perfectly happy to have her start kinder if there are strong reservations that go beyond “Most kids…”

I had to listen to her speech on how if she went to kinder, she’d probably be a leader and at the top of the class, but in first there’s a chance that she’d be at the lower end. She then said that very rarely, a child comes in and gets 99th percentile at the kinder evaluation and then they have them come back in for a more thorough evaluation.
As she’s saying that, the kinder teacher came in with a stack of books. Said that she’d talked with the principal and that daughter flew through the end-of-year kinder assessment and that they’d be calling me to bring her in again next week. She then mentioned that my daughter was delightful and she was disappointed that she wouldn’t get her in class next year 😀

I turned to the psch and smiled. She said, “Well, then…I guess that’s all”

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