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It’s pretty obvious that I need bit more of a kick in the butt. I started this blog a year ago, with high hopes of writing fairly regularly. I’ve even filled out a little content management tool thing with different ideas I had, along with deadlines for adding it to the site.

I haven’t done that.


Well, actually it’s more like life, I guess.

And I’ve been feeling an extreme amount of guilt for not coming here more to write. Creating a post frequently shows up on my to-do list and it keeps getting pushed to the next day and the next day.

I decided to give myself a big kick in the butt by signing up for NaBloPoMo. Modeled after NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, there’s a goal of writing a blog post a day.

Maybe this will help me form the habit of writing more. I’m also looking out for more ways to connect with people so that I don’t feel like I’m just shouting out to the void.

It’s a little scary. I did NaNoWriMo once before, but the truth is that I started writing a bit every day, stopped writing, then felt bad about myself toward the end of the month and cranked out 45,000 words of complete garbage. I never even re-read it because I knew it was bad. I was apparently never meant to write a mystery novel.

But with this, you really do have to stick to writing each day.

No cramming.

And I’m going to give it my best shot.

In fact, right now, I just got the kids to bed, the dishes done, and there’s nothing I’d like more than to sit in my chair with  book. But I came here. Because I really do want to be committed.

Wish me luck.

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