Coming Out of My Shell….

Like most of the US population, I found myself in absolute shock at the election results. A strong Hillary supporter with an immigrant husband and two half-white children, I felt confident reading poll results throughout the election season.

In fact, I have to admit that I thought things were going to go in the totally opposite direction.

I imagined millions of people feeling too scared to admit their support of Hillary. I thought that there must be reasonable Republicans who would step into the booth and realize that they just couldn’t support Him. I imagined wives sitting and smiling while their husbands talked Him up, all the while planning to vote a different way.

The defeat took me by surprise.

And I’ve had a really hard time functioning since then.

That’s why I haven’t been writing, even though I started November with the intention of writing a post a day.

I’ve been slacking a bit on my paid work as well, which means putting blogging off even more.

But I’m finally starting to find my voice again. And I hope that I’ll be able to share more of it on this page.

I’ve fluctuated between trying to have a set plan for posting (with article ideas all lined up) and just writing off-the-cuff posts whenever I have something I feel like saying. I think, perhaps, that the “topic” of this site might lean more towards less planning. That’s a bit scary because it becomes all too easy to put things off, but I think that it could work well if I try to stay focused.

I guess we’ll see.

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