Just Getting It Done

You know, a while ago I was so proud my my little nightly and morning routines that I actually posted about it. And it was a really good routine to have.

I get so distracted when I log on to Facebook and other time suckers, so when I start the morning with a cup of coffee and Facebook, it’s suddenly 3 hours later and I really need to get on with my day.

It’s frustrating to rush through things and have the stress of a full sink of dirty dishes that can’t be cleaned until the clean dishes from the dishwasher go back in their place.

But….come on! Coffee and Facebook!!!! That’s gotta be like an introvert’s Netflix and chill.

I’ve fallen out of the habit, which is bad news for me, as I’m now writing this post at 11pm after dealing with a child who wouldn’t fall asleep and raging over my kid’s coach who made political statements at practice.

If only I had started the day getting it done I’d be kicking back with a book. Or maybe sleeping. Or something else fun.

Tomorrow’s a new day though. Maybe I can give myself that little push again.

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