My Husband Is an Immigrant

My husband is an immigrant. He has a green card because we’re married, but he has not applied for citizenship. Since Japan and the US don’t allow dual citizenship, we’ve never applied.

With the horror that happened last weekend with the executive order making it impossible for some legal green card holders to get into the country, I had such a hard time.

I kept thinking, “Oh my god. That could have been us.”

And I know that it shouldn’t happen to us. I get that Japan isn’t really an enemy state, so it’s somewhat unlikely for something like this to happen to my husband, but considering how fast everything came down, it’s hard not to think about the possibilities.

Even worse, we had been thinking about buying plane tickets for him to take the kids back to Japan to visit his mom. All I could think about was what it would be like for all three of them to be stopped. For the authorities to decide to separate my kids from my husband. For them all to be alone and scared without me around.

That’s terrifying.

And I know that it shouldn’t happen to us. But while I listened to people argue about how it was “just some people” and “nobody cares about legal immigrants” (despite the EO detaining legal immigrants), I heard a large number of immigration attorneys telling anyone not born in the US to stay put. Even Japanese people like my husband. Heck, even the British people I know aren’t making any plans to leave.

“It’s just too uncertain,” the lawyers say.

And I know that it shouldn’t happen to us. But the point is that it did happen to other people. That truth breaks my heart. Because sometimes, it’s not just about me.

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